V/A – “Tribute To Z’EV” Album Review (harsh noise/industrial) – name your own price

a3216774733_2On December 16, 2017 the musical world lost one of the bricks in the foundation of industrial music.

Tribute To Z’Ev is the newest compilation from the Harsh Noise Movement label.  The album is available as an extremely limited edition CD as well as digital download.  While the digital download is Name Your Own Price, I again encourage you to support HNM.  They spend a LOT of time and effort into their work.  

From the harsh noise wall of Black Leather Jesus to the unsettling environmental/found object recording of Ghostskull to the legendary chaos of Hiroshi Hasegawa to Awkward Geisha as well as HNM and others…. All of the areas influenced by Z’EV are represented.

From Harsh Noise Movement: ” HNM Records is proud to present a tribute to the poet, percussionist and sound artist, Z’EV.  An assortment of noise and experimental sound artists have gathered together on this compilation to pay their respects to one of the pioneers of industrial music, Z’EV, who sadly passed away on December 16th 2017.  Rest In Peace, Stefan Joel Weisser.”

See HNM’s Bandcamp site below for more information on this tribute.  




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