Harsh Noise Movement – “Typewriter Skills” Album Review (noise/ambient)

a0785129704_16Stark, almost death industrial-like atmospheres, sporadic antiquated industrial hits (that’s fancy for old typewriters) and looming uncomfortable drones – not exactly the typical Harsh Noise Movement album.  But then again, Harsh Noise Movement isn’t your typical artist or label. 

We offer you our last HNM review of the year for a release that really is our new favorite of theirs.   

Typewriter Skills is the latest full-length release from Harsh Noise Movement.  I’m especially interested in bringing this to you because of how different it is from most of the other HNM releases.

The production and mixing on this album brings the listener not in front of or immersed in a noise wall.  Rather, it brings the listener into an environment where we imagine ghostly textile factories, old news rooms with construction going on, obscure journalists in old office buildings etc.

There is a different level of discomfort about Typewriter Skills because of it’s shift in atmosphere; sometimes cinematic dark ambience, field recordings and found object hits layered on top of one another but done in such a way that we’re taken back to a world of antiquated industries.  “Signs of Life” has more of a dense, “street-side” like feel where “Work Force” takes us to an old, virtually abandoned office space.  The first artist that comes to mind who takes us to similar places is Guillermo Pizarro.

Typewriter Skills contains 4 tracks each clocking in at just under 10 minutes.  It’s definitely one of my favorite HNM releases to date; a pleasant surprise to an unpleasant world (in a good way.. we don’t listen to this work because it’s beautiful) and has me looking forward to seeing where they are going to take us next.  Check it out for sure.

Typewriter Skills is available as a limited edition CDr as well as digital download.


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