Dosis Letalis & Шумоизоляция “Split” Album Review (noise/harsh noise wall/power electronics)

a3429560736_16Serbia meets Russia in a 20 minute battle for harsh noise wall warfare.  To be specific, each artist clocks in at just under 20 minutes.  Russia’s ever-prolific label, Wall Noise Action issues this digital-only split release.

Serbia’s Dosis Letalis and Russia’s Шумоизоляция both issue relentless harsh noise walls which pretty much equal in their level of abrasiveness.  However, Dosis Letalis is a little bit heavier in the area of low-end rumbling.  So, this release is pretty much neck-in-neck.  Furthermore and if Google Translator is correct, “Шумоизоляция” means “soundproofing.”  If that is the case, then what an ironic name for a relentless wall.  

Once again, Wall Noise Action proves its point as one of the best in releasing harsh noise walls.

It’s as simple as that; abrasive and destructive; for loyal fans who like to get lost in harsh noise walls.

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