Extermination Order/Nihil Doctrine Split Tape/Album Review (noise/power electronics/harsh noise)

Extermination Order/Nihil Doctrine

We travel now to Mexico with our new partners in Modern Decadence Records for a limited edition tape/digital split release from Extermination Order & Nihil Doctrine.

Extermination Order contributes 4 short but exceedingly abrasive and destructive tracks while Nihil Doctrine contributes a 7+ minute cut.

Whereas some harsh noise is delivered in walls and left to run virtually on its own, Extermination Order clearly manipulates and controls their harsh noise in waves with the addition of occasional high-frequency feedback..  Moreover, this is one of those cases where there appears to be buried a flurry of various sounds and noises beneath the sea of these noise “waves.”  So it effectively draws the listener in closer.  These tracks are the sonic equivalent of a series of floors in a tall building falling down before you can escape. 

Nihil Doctrine’s cut clocks in at just over seven minutes in length.  Very fast, harsh and smothering waves engulf the listener and like the Extermination Order tracks, the Nihil Doctrine track draws the listener in to pay close attention to the layers of sound.  While we could sit here and guess if those are found samples, industrial hits or distorted male voices, perhaps we aren’t supposed to know.  Then maybe we should just take it for what it is; sonic destruction of the highest order.

This is a great harsh noise release for those who like it concise and to the point.  Check out the Bandcamp site for sound samples and to buy.

This release is available as a limited edition cassette tape and digital download.



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