Gentle Ropes – “Rose Wine & Gallows” (gothic/electro/new wave)

Rose Wine & Gallows

We begin the new year with something that you are likely to see more of on; a venture into the goth/electronic world.  In this case, we travel to the Ukraine for the new release from one-man band, Gentle Ropes; Rose Wine & Gallows.

The release contains 8 tracks blending a mixture of goth, death rock and new wave.  Instantly I’m taken back to the darker moments of The Cure (i.e. Pornography, Faith eras), to late 80s new wave and the likes of Sisters of Mercy.

However, I’m also reminded that there are bands like this as well as Drab Majesty who aren’t “reinventing the wheel” so to speak, but rather honoring this old sound in their own new voice.  The over-all mood of the album is relatively melancholic and reflective.  One thing of note is that the band has figured out that musical and lyrical power is often built up from simplicity by the various instruments.  Remember how bands like The Cure or Sisters of Mercy did that and thus made so many of their songs memorable?  Such is also the case here.  Also, the lyrics aren’t overdone.  They are concise and to the point allowing the music to breath and speak for itself.  

There’s no single bad moment on the album.  So, I’d very highly recommend this one if you are into anything from new wave to death rock to gothic. 

Rose Wine & Gallows is available as a digital download and limited edition cassette through Black Verb Records.  Please check out Black Verb for a ton of great artists.  We here are very happy to be working with them.

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