Astral & Shit – “Divo” Album Review (dark ambient/drone)


From our friends at Black Mara comes a truly immersive, dense release; Divo by the underrated drone/ambient artist from Russia, Astral & Shit.

From Black Mara: “This album is something alien but familiar the Earth. That once came out of the Earth and now once again reunited. It was so long ago that we the living can’t appreciate with common sense that has been revealed to us. Alarming and dangerous, but beautiful at the same time, it is Divo.”

One of the reasons that we here love Black Mara is that they are one of the few labels who take a lot of pride and care in the way their releases are presented.  So it is no surprise to us that they have a wonderful special edition of this release.

Divo is a wonderfully diverse, 6 track release that takes the listener on sonic journeys of varying degrees of being immersed or submerged; claustrophobic or among a seemingly endless vast atmosphere.  At times the recording seems to actively drift the listener along (i.e. track 1, “Riphean Mountains”) while other tracks simply are accompaniment to another world with the listener looking around (i.e. track 2).  In the case of track 2, “Ursa Major” we hear the detail in the smallest nuances.  One might imagine themselves standing in a vast land, becoming lost in gazing at the night sky.  Worlds subterranean or ethereal are both covered with Divo.

Track 3, “Polota Crossing” immediately takes the listener into an environment that shows the artist’s commandment of depth with the water sound in the foreground and the deep drones moving in the distance.  Track 5, “Taganay,” reveals an incredibly dense, complex piece with the ambient planes layered to the point where the seem to create their own notes.  This piece in particular is highly meditative and almost transcendental, not simply imaginative like the other tracks.

I am not surprised of the quality of this release.  Black Mara only puts out quality product.  However, I’d highly recommend this album for those who like their ambient/drone journeys diverse but within the context of one vision.

Divo is available as a digital release as well as a Black Mystery Box, Exclusive Limited Edition.  Check Black Mara’s Bandcamp page.  See here below:


RELEASE DATE: January 31, 2018.

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