Crowhurst/Trevor Brolin – “Z” Tape Review (noise/experimental)

a2997157484_10Using destruction or abrasiveness to create an atmosphere of noise or death industrial is one thing.  But it’s an entirely a different dimension when you can destroy and manipulate items such as films, various sound recording formats etc. and have the resulting noises feel like they blend in with the perfectly new tape or CD you are listening to.  Let me explain:

is the new cassette/digital release From CROWHURST & Trevor Brolin.  From Dead Media Recordings: “Creeping, tense, warbled and fucked up dark ambient constructed from field recordings, destroyed Christian propaganda films, circuit bent electronics and antiquated digital manipulation devices. Unsettling and off-putting.”

Yes… destroyed Christian propaganda films.  The point is not the content of that media used as instruments of destruction.  The point herein is that when destroyed, they make the listener think that it is in fact the physical product they are listening to which is defective.  That fact comes through in the effectiveness of the mix and the background vs. foreground sound.  Take track 3 b) where it sounds like the product is defective.  Brilliant!

The album seems to cross lines of minimalist noise with a primitive industrial sound and dark ambient accompaniment.  It does play a bit with a cinematic dark ambient vibe.  However, these are the vandals that disrupt and destroy the cinema set before the strictly dark ambient casts get there.  That’s a good thing, of course in this regard.  Kill the main electricity breaker, crash the metal paneling and blow props up.  But do it while the director, producer and cast aren’t looking.  That’s Z; a great mix of death industrial, black ambiance and tasteful but manipulated noise.

is available as a limited edition cassette and digital download.  Check out the Bandcamp site for sound samples and other Dead Media Recordings releases.


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