Droid Sector Decay – “Posesión Satánica” (single) Box Set Album Review (ebm/industrial)

Posesión Satánica

Someone has been ripping up the ebm/industrial rule books and writing in there themselves again.  The party responsible in this case is once again Underground Industrial’s Droid Sector Decay.  This brings us to our offering today; their new singles box set release, Posesión Satánica.

To say that Posesión Satánica exhibits diversity is a gross understatement.  Whereas many ebm/industrial acts maintain the same formula throughout most of the album, that is certainly not the case here.  The emphasis herein seems to focus on atmosphere and one in which light is likely to have an unwelcome entrance; this rather than being sterile and dancefloor-friendly.

Stylistically, there is a clear and heavy influence from the best of mid 90s ebm.  For example, track 1, the title track, is akin to the “Self Inflicted/Legacy…” era of Leaether Strip but with slight nuances of Kraftwerk.  Keep in mind, however that this is all constructed with an original atmosphere.  Nevertheless, there is a definite old school, ebm/industrial feel; a bit like the old Zoth Ommog bands.  “The Realm Of Industrial Ritual” starts as a clear ode to the originators like Einsturzende Neubauten then moves to a cross between old Depeche Mode and again mid 90s ebm.

Most of the tracks are pretty mid-paced.  Some tracks are definitely heavier than others and rely on more samples to successfully create the atmosphere. Track 7, “Paradise of Torment,” however maintains a much faster pace.  In any case, none of the 12 tracks sound exactly like the others.  

Posesión Satánica is available as an extremely limited edition deluxe box set (hand made!) that contains the following: 7″ hand-numbered vinyl, tape, 2 CDs, A3 poster, 2 stickers, button/pin and postcard.  I encourage you to check out the Bandcamp link to see the special specifics of this collector’s item.  Please note that at the time of this writing, only 4 remain.  

The release is also available as a digital download.

I would very highly recommend this and other Underground Industrial albums for those of you into some diversity in your ebm/industrial releases.  This is a great combination of styles as well as an ode to the old while incorporating new approaches.




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