GRIM – “Psycho Sun” LP 2017 Reissue Review (noise/power electronics)

Psycho Sun

From noise pioneers GRIM and courtesy of Steinklang Industries comes the LP reissue of GRIM’s 2013 Psycho Sun album.  

From Steinklang: “”Psycho Sun” was the first new album of Japans Noise-Pioneers GRIM since 27 years and their sound did not loose a single quantum of power in all those years! This is PURE GRIM, like three decades before!”

I often recommend LP editions by artists such as GRIM who historically have proven to be some of the more important artists in noise/power electronics.  There’s just something about the character of the LP sound that maintains the pure, raw nature in which these original recordings were intended.

The album begins with the very disturbing track, “Halo” which first includes what sounds like a rainy room then with a disturbed individual walking and running about  in what sounds like an enclosed area.  Then a church organ begins and the track becomes slightly more erratic before dropping off after the organ.  Tracks like “Dharma” and “Ritual Hammer” give a unique blend of primal, almost ritual sounding early industrial with the intermittent noise inclusion.  In the case of the latter, the disturbed voice is used to show the insanity.  A similar effect could be heard in “Glorious Tower” with the metallic strikes and minimal noise.  This track in particular is so effective and disturbing with the layering of the multiple repetitious voices. 

“Nomad” is a very different track with a cyber-pulse going to the accompaniment of a voice sample on top.  “Shelter” is controlled chaos with the loud, pummeling drumming patterns and vocal screams.  “Spiral” is a straight experiment in chaotic harsh noise along with some very disturbing harsh yet melodic vocals in the background.  There are ten tracks in all and they are all equally unique.  

Very disturbing and unsettling, ritualistic and chaotic, but very diverse and interesting; certainly an important recording for GRIM.  

At first listen, one might not believe that this album was actually initially recorded even in 2013.  There is a definite “old” school sound to it as a blend of early noise and industrial pioneering.  Then again, noise pioneers like Grim are able to do just that.

Originally Psycho Sun was released in 2013 on CD and 2 different LP editions.

This particular edition, the 2017 re-release is limited to 150 copies and has different artwork.  So that’s another reason why this one is particularly unique.  Check this out and other releases from our friends at Steinklang.

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