Zulmet – “Satans Nunnor” Tape/Album Review (black metal)

a2177173135_16From the underground to below nestled in the woods of Turkey, we venture off and find an obscure black metal gem with a degree of rawness comparable to the dry, bitter, cold wind.  Zulmet, founded in 2015 is our find for the day and is the project fronted by Count Youri Pestilentis Von Ginquie.  Satans Nunnor is the soon-to-be released new album

Satans Nunnor contains 5 lengthy tracks of straight-up, old-school, second wave black metal.  All the trade mark qualities are there which is sure to please fans of the second wave of black metal like Darkthrone and Mayhem.  So what makes Zulmet different?  You have to look at the release in the context of all of Zulmet’s albums as a whole.  Zulmet had four other full-length releases and one single just in 2017.  Each one sounds considerably different from the next.  For example, its predecessor, Unholy Birthday Rituals is based predominantly on treated clean guitar and very eerie spoken word passages.

So, he’s probably one of the most prolific black metal artists we’ve reviewed in a while.  There was also the debut Incoming Winter from 2016.

We’d definitely recommend Satans Nunnor especially for those of you who are black metal purists.  However, you must look at ALL of his releases to see the dynamics of what Zulmet is capable of.  It’s not just going to shine in one release.  

Satans Nunnor will be available as an extremely limited cassette (handmade, numbered) and digital download.  Zulmet also has a number of Name Your Own Price releases so check those out as well.  However, I encourage you to support what you can.672876_artist



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