ORiFiCE – “Feltlash Logger” Album Review (noise/power electronics)

a3560540242_16Here we have another reason to celebrate the noise artists of Germany who so often get overlooked.  From Harsh Noise Movement comes ORiFiCE and their release, Feltlash Logger.

The first thing one notices when listening to this four track release is the natural/organic quality.  My best guess is that not only is this improvisational noise but also a release in which little to no post-production is done.  It’s just bare, raw and to the point.  There are some moments when it seems like we can hear the studio and the tools being turned off and on.  It also leaves one to imagine the physical manipulation by the artist; the turning of knobs and flipping of switches and the idea that some of the recorded sounds are the result of unintentional glitches.  The abruptness of the manipulation gives us an imagination of the artist’s ferocity.

Mostly what we hear in this album are manipulated noise waves with a focus on mid to very high frequencies; at times very abrasive and vacuous.  At some points (later part of track 2, “Blind Fury”) the high-pitch frequency becomes virtually painful if you have the volume turned up.  

Just when you question what boundaries might be pushed next, leave it to our friends, the Germans to answer that question.  It will be interesting to see where ORiFiCE takes us next.  For now, Feltlash Logger is a pretty interesting release and gives further reason to turn our attention to the noise artists of Germany.

Feltlash Logger is available from Harsh Noise Movement as a limited edition CDr and digital download.  Check the Bandcamp site below 


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