AprilMist – “Remembrance” EP/Album Review (atmospheric post/black metal)


From the plains of Midwest-USA comes an intriguing find; a band that straddles the fence between atmospheric and post-black metal; AprilMist from Kansas and their recent release, Remembrance.

Remembrance contains two tracks which clock in for a total of just over 19 minutes.  

Immediately there is a noticeable uniqueness in the sound of AprilMist; something that separates them distinctly from other bands in the post-black metal/atmospheric black metal arenas.

Remember the days when shoe-gaze was a more prominent genre and you had artists such as My Bloody Valentine, Lush and Cocteau Twins who used combinations of chords and notes that typically may not exist harmoniously?  But when played together with layers and effects, they seem to create their own unique sound and chords.  Well, a similar effect is going on here.  Not only is AprilMist producing a sound that bears similarities to the shoe-gaze bands but they do so in the atmospheric black metal style and with their own unique stamp…. unique sounds and unorthodox chord progressions.  That’s AprilMist.  Also, at moments especially in the middle of track 1, “Swirling Gaze,” you have some breakdowns that are traditionally found in the likes of some prog-rock or more experimental bands.

If you are into bands like Alcest or An Autumn For Crippled Children, then I’d definitely recommend this for you.  It’s nice to know that some bands are still willing to stretch their own limits and those of their musical fields.  

Remembrance is available on CD, cassette and as a digital download.  T-shirts and patches are available via the band’s Bandcamp site as well.  

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