Atrium Carceri & Herbst9 – “Ur Djupan Dal” Album Review (dark ambient/drone)

Ur Djupan Dal

How two artists from different sides of the planet can create a contrast of intimacy and vastness that drifts the listener away from the dullness of daily life, I’ll never know.

But then again, perhaps we’re not supposed to.  Perhaps like many albums, we’re simply supposed to take the cinematic dark ambient piece for what it is.  Today our offering is Ur Djupan Dal – the new release from Atrium Carceri & Herbst9 on Cryo Chamber.

From Cryo Chamber: “Ambient Veterans Atrium Carceri & Herbst9 team up on this mysterious album.  Chanting, ritual drumming and spoken word weave in and out of this album that pays tribute to the old ways.”

 These two artists take us through worlds where contemplation and apprehension are placed against and in tandem with vastness and abstraction and in cases with different degrees of immersive and submersive.  Steady, deep drones keep a foreground and back drop while meandering and perfectly-mixed ambient layers appear at times columnar and at others, cavernous.  Sporadically a whispering, spoken word narration appears like a spectre telling a story above a scene.

It’s really quite a unique thought when you think of one simple listener in the corner of a room listening to a recording from two artists worlds apart who create a sonic world such as Ur Djupan Dal.  The sounds of two worlds are filtered as one through one person which then turns again to a whole new world in the person’s imagination.  That’s the kind of feeling one gets with many Cryo Chamber releases.

Ur Djupan Dal is available as limited edition CDs and vinyl as well as a digital download.

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