V/A – “Certified Dead” – Death Continues Records (noise/experimental)

Page+1+_DCRCD013_From discomfort we oddly often find comfort.  From discord we sometimes find an odd sense of harmony outside the box.  From Death Continues Records we find a fantastic compilation album entitled Certified Dead.

Certified Dead explores a number of terrains in the experimental/noise fields.  Some of the artists you’ll find herein include Brighter Death Now, Sutcliffe Jugend, Genocide Organ and an artist we recently reviewed-Arum Liles.  What makes this compilation especially interesting is that ALL of the tracks contained herein are previously unreleased.  We’ll do something we don’t do often with Various Artist compilations and break this album down track-by-track.

Tracklist :
1) Arum Lilies « “Martin Luther” » – an opener that has a lot of the feel of  really old cinema (like a low-budget sci-fi B-movie, some high-frequency twisting sounds, some analog keyboard noise and some gritty noises similar to old phonograph recordings.  There’s also some creepy narration which makes for an interesting effect.   

2) Brighter Death Now « “Dead Boy” » – a low-mid frequency, semi-fluctuating, over-driven noise-based piece with some virtually inaudible buried samples

3) Grunt « “Cadaver” » – a ribbon of high-frequency followed by a death industrial/field recording feel and some really disturbing male voices (similar to Trepaneringsritualen)

4) Necromondo « “Cadaver Obedience” » – a very thick, analog key-layered track that creates fluctuation with the wave-like noises and manipulations

5) Sutcliffe Jügend « “Beyond Perverse” » – beginning with some gurgling, cut-up noise followed by Kevin Tompkins chaotic vocals-severely manipulated and extremely thick, deep, analog hits

6) In Search of Death « “Anapath” » – a combination harsh noise wall/death industrial piece with rhythmic, metallic strikes and effectively-mixed samples which draw the listener in

7) Femeheim « “Kältetod” » – severely manipulated male voice against a thick, constant drone of low-frequency over-driven noise that increases in violence toward the end

8) Wertham « “Mourning the Lost of my Own Shadow” » – perhaps the thickest, layered harsh noise-based track with some various high-pitch object strikes

9) …Today, I’m Dead « “What a Pleasant Place” » – some high-pitch treated siren-like frequencies against some very low rumbling that develops to an apocalyptic track to signal the end of life as we know it

10) Genocide Organ « “Savagely Mauled Crucifixion” » – With some buried sampled dialog and some very thick, gritty mid-frequency noise, the track becomes disturbing with what sound like distorted scream samples and a repeated, somewhat discordant synth sound

There you have it; a fairly diverse collection of artists well-known and should be well known in the underground; an area where they create soundtracks that are disturbing in some cases, apocalyptic in others and pretty interesting in all given the difference in explorations.  Certified Dead is available now on CD through Death Continues Records.  It’s a diverse compilation which will keep the intrigued and interested happy and unified enough to keep the purists happy.


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