White Walls/Inhibition Split Album Box Set Review (noise/power electronics)

a3710717112_10To the UK we go for another release from one of our favorite labels, Reverse Records UK.  This time we have the uniquely presented limited edition box featuring a split album from Inhibition & White Walls.

Both White Walls and Inhibition are projects belonging to Reverse Records’ K. Mitchell.  Each have slightly different angles yet under the same banner.

From Bandcamp: “Both projects are by Reverse Records UK owner / artist; K. Mitchell. Covering various medical, fetish, psychological themes, madness, dark ritual cults, and all things transgressive. Featuring art model: Nana RaepBlossom.”

The three White Walls tracks are “Transgressive Power of the Body” Parts I, II and III.  The first White Walls piece shows mostly heavy, over-driven noise drones; not heavy on static per se, like typical harsh noise walls.  At times it feels like a perpetual plane crash descent.  There is, rather, more of an emphasis on the effects.  It thus presents a sense of overwhelming but in a unique and atypical way but similar to other RRUK releases.  This gives the impression there may be a sound trademark to the RRUK artists.

“Transgressive Power of the Body” Part II presents a vibe of a disturbance within cavernous drones.  The samples are more buried giving the listener a more distant view point… still disturbing nonetheless.  There is not really much development in the piece.  Rather, the artist takes the listener to a creepy environment and gives them a guided tour with the track being narrated by disturbing samples.  Out of nowhere toward the end of the piece occurs some rhythmic over-driven static.  Part III starts with an over-driven static wall and a mangled up version of a particular 80s hit.  The trademark overdrive feeling moves to more drone and ambient planes along with some industrial hits
and some more buried samples.

With Inhibition, on the other hand, the narration is brought to the front.  Their tracks are “Do What Thou Wilt” Parts I, II and III. Unlike the sampled speech often found in White Walls,  Inhibition puts the narration up front in Part I.  Further, what’s more important than the content spoken itself is the effect that it has; an effect that is very ominous and hinges on suggestive psychosis.  In this case it is not a sample but a live speaker.  The music – usually deep moving drones tends to take a background role as a soundtrack for the most part.  The featured sample in Part II seems to be a very disturbed sounding preacher.  Within Part III we hear a lot of over-driven industrial repetitive sounds; a very rapid noise wall with a sound like that of a set of squealing brakes.  An abrupt break occurs at which point we hear the sample of a psychiatrist dealing with schizophrenia as well as some twisted and mangled sounds within the over-driven noise.

While Reverse Records’ projects White Walls and Inhibition both come from the same individual, they both maintain distinctly different sounds in many ways.  However, taken as a whole product, this release once again shows that Reverse Records appears to be further developing their own signature sound-regardless of the label – noise, experimental, power electronics… whatever.  It’s all Reverse Records.  Moreover and as previously noted, there aren’t many labels who take such artistic care in the physical product of their releases.  Reverse Records is one of the few.  I encourage you to take a look at this and all of their releases before they sell out if they haven’t already.

This special edition box set has been strictly limited to 15 copies.  Each are handmade and numbered with solid wood.  However, the album is available as a digital download via Bandcamp as well.

WHITE WALLS – “Transgressive Power Of The Body”
AKTION I (12:00) 
AKTION II (15:30) 
AKTION III (05:33)

INHIBITION – “Do What Thou Wilt”
AKTION I (10:30) 
AKTION II (06:10) 
AKTION III (14:00) 



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