AutomatoN – “1979” EP Review (ebm/new wave/industrial)


On the heels of our new partnership with Machine Man Records, we bring you 1979, the latest release from their artist AutomatoN; a one-man machine from Massachusetts.  

Previous releases had one leg knee-deep in industrial and one in metal.  For 1979, we see a radical departure and nod into the world of circa-late 70s/early 80s new wave.

From Machine Man Records: “AutomatoN is a concept that deals with faulty robots living together with humans. When robots are wired wrong, what would happen?”

1979 is a reference to the year Gary Numan’s track “Films” came out on The Pleasure Principle album.  AutomatoN’s cover of “Films” in fact is track 4 of this 4-song EP.  Without even viewing the track list beforehand, I noticed a Numan influence right away especially with the authentic-sounding analog synth sounds.  So, it was no surprise to see the cover song in tribute to Mr. Numan.  Nevertheless, AutomatoN not only nails the music on “Films” with pin-point tribute accuracy but even the vocal effect as well.

“Re-Programming” is the lead-off single for 1979 and currently available as a Name Your Own Price track on Bandcamp.  “Electronic Engineering” is a pretty up-beat instrumental track.  Changing things up a bit is “Testing;” a slightly slower track yet still very much in the vein of the Numan-esque 79/80s feel.

AutomatoN gives a nod to an era where electronic music experienced real innovation but keeps his own stamp as well.  Given the shift in direction between the previous release, Sub Coma and 1979, I think it will be an interesting trip to see where AutomatoN takes us next.  I’m confident, however, that one hand will be in salute while the other is pushing a boundary or two.

The single, “Re-Programming” is available now via Bandcamp.  1979 will be available in its entirety on February 27.  

Highly recommended for fans of early 80s new wave and analog synths.

Here’s a link to the review we did of AutomatoN’s previous album, Sub Coma.:


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