Lab Personnel – “Recreation” Album/LP Review (electro/ebm)

a1555912706_16Medical Records is releasing some of the finest underground electronic/techno/ebm music around.  Today’s offering is no exception and is especially unique.  Recreation is the new ltd. LP and digital release from Lab Personnel due out on Medical Records February 23.

From Medical Records: “The LP is a brooding journey into diverse techno soundscapes with eight strong tracks that will not disappoint.”

Recreation contains 8 tracks ranging in length from between 4.5 and 5.5 minutes in length; appropriate times to retain the listener’s attention.  While “sterile” might be thematically an appropriate term given the label and band name, in fact, “sterile” is not effectively a term well-suited for this project.  Indeed there is more substance to this release.  Having no vocals, this release allows the listener the opportunity to focus on all the nuances in the music.

Completely instrumental, Recreation blends styles ranging from ebm, techno, synth-wave and many in between.  What makes this project especially intriguing is the fact that it exists as a collaboration between a number of producers hailing from Croatia. Members include Zarkoff (member of Sumerian Fleet), Neon Lies, ikonal many more-a total of 8 members.  All of the tracks which are labeled somewhat namelessly like “6_3,” “2_3” or “1_1” were recorded during Synth Lab 4 improvisational sessions in Pisak in 2017.

Track 3, “1_1,” tosses a nod back to early 90s electro/ebm while track 6, “6_1,” has a bit more of a trance vibe.  In contrast to that, track 8, “7_5,” is a bit of a more complex track and slightly akin to a combination of modern ebm, trance and synth-pop.  While these are but three examples, they will give you some impression of the dynamic of the album.

So, there’s not a band moment from point A to point B – Definitely recommended for fans of ebm, trance, synthpop and more.  Also check out the other releases on Medical Records.

Recreation will be available February 23 on limited edition vinyl and digital download.


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