The Saint Paul – “Three” Album Review (ebm/industrial)

a2092582226_16From Infacted Recordings comes the latest release from German 3-man band, The Saint Paul; Three.  Simply and appropriately titled, this is the third release by The Saint Paul containing ten tracks in all.

From Infacted Recordings: “Three“ is not just another synth pop or future pop album release, “Three“ has depth, strength and the charismatic voice of lead singer „Paul“ which makes the music of „The Saint Paul“ truly unique.

If you are unfamiliar with The Saint Paul, picture a more modern Pet Shop Boys with a hint of ebm.  In fact, The Saint Paul don’t limit themselves to one style.  They experiment with areas of synth-pop, ebm and then some.  Further, vocalist Paul has no need to hide behind effects as his voice is tailor-made for this music.  

“I Will Stay” is an emotion-filled, uplifting and anthemic track with a great build-up that borders on majestic-definitely a highlight of the album.  “Blood Donation,” the first single and video from the album is structurally a bit refreshing and speaks loudly of social criticism.  “Your Purity” exemplifies another dynamic of the album with this uplifting potential dance-floor killer.  It’s one of those tracks suitable for blasting in your car stereo as you look forward to a great weekend.  It would be interesting to see some artists re-interpret “Your Purity” with some remixing.

One thing as briefly noted above that you’ll notice about this album is the skill in starting the songs off simply and building them up with layering and emotional intensity.  This is in stark contrast to some contemporary artists who begin and end tracks with virtually the same beat and degree of intensity.  With the amount of diversity in this album, it’s destined to make fans of synthpop and ebm, even 80s new wave happy while always flying under the banner of The Saint Paul.

Come with me
I will stay DNA
Blood Donation
Your purity
Losing control
Love is passion
Blue bird
04:15 Back

Three is available on CD as well as digital download now.

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