Aesthetic Perfection – “Ebb And Flow” EP Review (ebm/synthpop)

Ebb And Flow – 2018

Today we celebrate the release of the brand new single/EP from Aesthetic Perfection, Ebb And Flow; three songs including the “Ebb And Flow” single, the Miggiddo Remix and brace yourselves……  a cover of “Bye Bye Bye” originally done by N’Sync.  You read that right.  And you know what?  Aesthetic Perfection tears it right the @#$% up.  

“Ebb And Flow,” first and foremost is a killer single in the ebm/synth-pop vein.  Aesthetic Perfection has always done something special and a little left of center in this music and this single is no exception.  It is both digestible for long, hard-core AP fans and those fans of ebm/synth-pop music who might be new to the band.  Daniel Graves’s vocals are extremely soulful for the two songs and a bit reminiscent of the styles of Christopher Hall of Stabbing Westward and Darren Hayes of Savage Garden.

Now… “Bye Bye Bye.”  Say what you will about N’Sync (I’ll say Timberlake carried them) but Aesthetic Perfection takes the song and makes it completely their own.  Musically, it’s a somewhat minimalist, haunting piece throughout.  Yet again Daniel’s voice is the highlight and remains full of soul and power.  He owns this version.  Period.  Don’t be discouraged by the image of the guys who originally performed this song.  This is a killer re-make.

Daniel once made a video on Youtube of the “Ten Commandments for New Bands,” of which #2 is “Thou Shalt Find Thine Own Sound.”

He’s definitely followed his own advice.

Ebb And Flow is available now.  See Aesthetic Perfection on the road soon with Grendel.  See the official webpage for all dates.

Daniel Graves

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