Richard Von Sabeth – “The King Of Nothing” Album Review

The King Of Nothing

“Unique” or “Unusual” are neither strangers nor unwelcome here.  In fact, they are quite the opposite.  But today our offering is of a different kind of unique and unusual… a kind that is of unparalleled honesty.

Richard Von Sabeth (aka Riccardo Sabetti) is the voice and founder of Spiral69.  February 19 sees the official release of his wonderful solo debut album, The King Of Nothing.

From Rehab Records: “A diary of wounds and deep scars, a collection of intimate ballads of Sex, Love and Death. Inspired by the horror films of the early ‘900 and the deep atmospheres of the eastern Europe, these nine decadent songs expressing the most fragile, dark and twisted side of Richard Von Sabeth.”

The King of Nothing contains nine tracks.  Musically the album is extremely diverse with each song standing on its own-unique from the others.  Richard Von Sabeth creates introspective ballads and dirges combining goth, rock, alt rock and much more.  Really the album is defiant of genre classification.  But we can say that a diverse range of fans will surely find a number of reasons to be happy-even pleasantly surprised with The King Of Nothing.

But musically, we bear witness herein to the likes of the quirkiness of Tom Waits or Danny Elfman, the endearing honesty of Human Drama, the soulfulness of William Control and Richard Butler (Psychedelic Furs).  This is like a sort of twisted cabaret with Richard speaking truths that are universal yet perhaps those in which we’d rather not face.  How can one take a dark theme and make it sound musically uplifting?  Ask The King Of Nothing.  A track like “Petrichor” speaks to the hurting while “Fall” is a companion to the hopeful.  “…exploding his creativity into string arrangements, creepy pianos out of tine and new wave’s guitars…”  (Rehab Rec’s). 

At the end of the day, there exists a purity in this album that has only rarely been heard since Bowie’s “Diamond Dogs”-era.  Highly recommended all the way around……heartwarming, heart-wrenching, nostalgic and hopeful.  You just need to hear it.  

The King Of Nothing will be available February 19 on CD, digital download and ltd. edition USB key box.  

Richard Von Sabeth

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