Leaether Strip – “Oxygen II” Single (Jean-Michel Jarre) (ebm/industrial)

a3920005772_16Leaether Strip (aka Claus Larsen) is a legend in the ebm/industrial scene and therefore needs no introduction.  And if by remote chance you have not heard him, you’ve missed a significant cornerstone of this music.  He’s amassed a stunning discography; diverse to say the least.

Nevertheless, he wouldn’t be who he is today without his husband Kurt.  They’ve had to deal with numerous obstacles one of which is overwhelming medical expenses for Kurt.  

Today we want to make you aware of a pretty cool Jean-Michel Jarre cover track that Claus did which is available on Bandcamp.  All of the support leads to helping Claus and Kurt out.  

“Oxygen II” is available as a Name Your Own Price download.  HOWEVER, we’d like you to consider donating and checking out Claus’s discography on Bandcamp.  There is a LOT of valuable history there and essential parts of any electronic music lover’s collection.  He’s also got a bunch of singles/cover songs in there we’d recommend.

So this isn’t so much of a review as it simply is making you aware of the song and the situation.  This is our little way of helping.  Please check it out and go support someone who has meant so much to the scene both as an artist and as a model human… that is, how kind-hearted people should be.  



Aside from Bandcamp, you can also support Claus and Kurt via their GoFundMe page:



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