Lunacy – “Disposition” EP/Tape Review (noise/drone)


Carving a desolate and oppressive post-apocalyptic landscape should not seem to be an easy task.  But neither is the product yielded by this effort.  Uneasy, unsettling yet engaging like a disturbing dream…  

From our friends at Black Verb Records in Germany comes a 5-track limited edition tape/digital release from Lunacy titled Disposition.

From Bandcamp: “This 5 song EP focuses on the themes of post-apocalyptic isolation and breaching the subconscious. The first track focuses on the darkness of the mind & society; when someone can finally let themselves go out into the light but darkness still is completely apparent in a world that is desolate and abandoned. The theme holds true to the to the tone of the whole offering of songs.” 

Indeed it does.  Lunacy creates a vibe that balances the post-apocalyptic with the delicate and abrasive.  In a case like “Road to Foil,” Lunacy weaves reverb-heavy guitars over a steady percussive pulse adding some abysmal echoing vocals. Track 1, “Disposition” is very much reminiscent of the vibe of an early Lycia demo yet with deep, echoing vocals.  “Conjure” exhibits a sense of uplift and majesty yet with the base of noise and static/distortion.  “Radial Age” goes back to a death industrial vibe mixed in well with heavy effect-laden vocals.

I’d recommend this one to fans who like some structure in their noise as well as those who enjoy some dissonance in their dark ambient/death industrial soundscapes.  This album leaves us straddling the line between the ominous and inviting.  

Disposition is available as a limited edition cassette and digital download now.

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