Hypnodial – “Aether Alcoves” Album Review (ambient/new age/drone)

a1188015328_16From Spain comes a release with arms stretched into new age, ambient and in an odd way, dungeon synth.  Aether Alcoves is the new release from Hypnodial. 

Hypnodial is the product of one Ilia Rodriquez whose previous ventures ironically include metal with bands Indesinence, Binah and Pantheist as well as others.  

From Somniscope/Hypnodial: “The album flows as an hour-long piece divided into twelve vignettes, each telling its own quiet story and imprinting its images on the listener’s mind. Some spring from a distant memory, others focus on more concrete situations and stimuli, manipulating certain elements to create a dreamlike vibe, and all take the early hours as a springboard to the listener’s own sojourn.”

Aether Alcoves in many ways resembles the old work of new age composer Vangelis with the warm analog tones and rhythmic pulses.  It’s that warmth and analog sound that pervades the entire release.  

But with each track being distinctly different from each other, we also find dungeon synth vibes in tracks like “Trapagaran.”  Some of the tracks sound uniquely like old 80s B-movie treasures as well.  Even a track like “Dreammachine” sounds a bit like a Gary Numan-esque instrumental outtake remixed with some dashes of ambient.  Essentially, there is room for all fans of electronic music here provided you have an open ear available.  

Aether Alcoves isn’t really ambient nor is it really dark ambient or new age.  It’s all of the above and then sort of none of it in the same breath.   

Aether Alcoves is available in limited edition CD as well as digital download.  At this time, the digital album is Name Your Own Price.  However, I would of course suggest you support.  Aether Alcoves isn’t really like most of the other dark ambient/new age albums out there.  



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