Jjoosseepphh – “Rot” Album Review (noise/power electronics)

a0039331075_16From out of nowhere (Ok… Galway, Ireland) comes a noise artist going by the name of Jjoosseepphh and a digital only release, Rot.

Rot contains nine tracks and explores different areas within the noise genre.  Here’s the interesting thing.  According to his Bandcamp site, he’s only 14.  I find that hard to believe given his clear capabilities herein.  What I mean is this; I would expect a teenager just to throw some garbage together for a harsh noise wall and leave it at that.  

Not the case here.  

Jjoosseepphh is clearly mindful of many of the dynamics that push the limits of harsh noise.  While abrasiveness clearly is a factor in Rot, it is not the main concern.  Jjoosseepphh is very aware of intentional manipulation and utilizing glitches and errors to the advantage of the work.  He even does some crazy KK Null-type things with such tracks as “Recorded On A Potato.”  I was stunned to find out that the equipment he used was a Korg keyboard and a number of effects.  There is a balance herein that exists in not quite so many noise releases; the balance of the organic/natural analog sound and digital.  Some of the tracks are more focused on either of these while others blend it all together.  

“Prowler On The Prowl” is an absolute crazy and unique example of manipulation of sounds that range from those like manipulated video game music/blips to harsh noise to a ribbon-like effect and using the aforementioned glitches to the advantage of the track.  “Talking About Talking About” explores similar terrain in addition to the element of discomfort from harsh to uneasy minimal static patches.

Rot is not an album that can really be effectively taken in on one sitting.  Jjoosseepphh explores a number of directions.  I think that if he continues down this route and adds some low-frequency static wall rumbling, he may be able to push his work over the top.  I’m really looking forward to hearing what he does next and how he progresses in his trade.  There might be a potential game-changer in the making.

Rot is available as a digital download via Bandcamp.  Go support.


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