Säröllä – “Kaamosteoria” EP Review

a1569511161_16From innovative Finnish electronic artist Säröllä comes yet another digital-only EP with an added bonus…. a label to go with it.  Kaamosteoria is the latest 5 song EP on Säröllä’s own label B-Komissio which soon will feature forthcoming artists.

From Bandcamp: “The first release of B-Komissio, Kaamosteoria, is Säröllä’s vision of a sleazy 1800’s factory with a sci-fi twist. The soundscapes are a mixture of minimalistic warehouse-techno, electronic lowercase and electro.”

It should come as no surprise that Säröllä further pushes boundaries exploring the fringes of techno, ebm and even incorporating minimalist noise.  He does so through a combination of well-integrated analog and digital synth tracks.   Another mark of Säröllä is his ability to weave simplistic patterns in such a manner that when put together, they give off the illusion of being complex.  

Kaamosteoria is another one of those cases that serves to be the antithesis of typical instrumental electronic music; a form which can all-too-often be too rudimentary and quite soulless at times.  Further, Säröllä excludes any vocals leaving the music some breathing room and the ability to stand on its own.  This is skillfully-crafted and unorthodox in its composition.  Every one of the five tracks stand apart from the others on their own.  A track like “Messias” renews the role for the percussion in this kind of music by using it as a minimalist tool giving the voice to the uncomfortable ambient background.  On the other hand, “Muutos” puts the percussion in a heavy, over-driven role in the foreground.  That’s just one example of the dynamic to be found in the work of Säröllä.  

I anticipate great things from the ever-prolific Säröllä in the future and am looking forward to hearing what his label B-Komissio will be offering.  Following is a link to an interview we did with Säröllä a few weeks back.


Fans of continuously cutting edgle electronic music, go check the EP out… pretty highly recommended.







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