Interview – Legendary Noise Artist Hiroshi Hasegawa (CCCC, Astro)

We put a lot of work into these reviews so we may repost from time to time for more people to enjoy.

The Noise Beneath The Snow

HIROSHI-HASEGAWA Hiroshi Hasegawa – Japan


If you have been a fan of harsh noise/power electronics for any length of time, you know that Hiroshi Hasegawa needs NO introduction.  But those of you who might not have heard, he’s the founder of such acts as CCCC and Astro.

We’re extremely excited to present this email interview with him.  We’d like to thank Mr. Hasegawa for taking time out over the last couple of weeks to answer a few questions.


Is the motivation for your current work different than other projects such as CCCC?  Or are the reasons behind the creation the same?  How has your interest as an artist evolved over the years between projects?

When I started C.C.C.C., I was eager to get out from the stifling situation surrounding me and free improvisation style that I’d been playing then. And I was particular about playing loudly by all members…

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