Celldöd – “Kall Fusion” 12″ EP Review (techno/ebm)


Bass-driven, heavy-hitting ebm-infused techno is our offering today.  As noted on previous occasions, Medical Records is serving up some of the best underground techno/ebm work currently available so I highly recommend them.

Kall Fusion is the latest Medical Records release from Celldöd – the project of Swedish producer Anders Karlsson. A 12″ vinyl edition destined to disrupt the foundations of dance floors worldwide.

From Bandcamp: “With a nod to the greats but with a forward thinking direction, we have four new cuts to destroy the darkest dance floors. Relentless, bass-heavy and blown-out bangers. Fans of DAF and maybe 242 meets Silent Servant will be blown away.”

Kall Fusion contains 4 tracks totaling in at around 16 minutes.  Predominantly instrumental, when the vocals are used, they are mixed in such a way that they act almost as another layer of instrumentation rather than as a lead.  Musically the release is unified by dance-friendly, bass-laden techno tracks with some minimal synth set on top.  There clearly is a heavy focus on low-end analog synths which give the record an old-school feel; quite reminiscent of the early days of Front 242 in some ways.  

Kall Fusion is steady and dark and not for your average upscale nightclub.  This is the seedy, underground club that the authorities won’t find.  Highly recommended for fans of hardcore techno/ebm who like their music to seem like it will never end…. in a good way.

Kall Fusion is available from Medical Records now.  The vinyl comes with a digital download of the album.A-3676219-1506094503-3548.jpeg





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