Interview With Noise Artist Yasuhito Fujinami (Repost)

The Noise Beneath The Snow

Please note that I was unable to fix the formatting errors on this.  I’ve no idea what the problem was.  So please forgive that.
Just as all forms of music and art transcend the boundaries of language and culture, so does the art of noise (music).  We revert again back to the reasons we listen to ti; its dynamics, unpredictability and a host of other reasons.  Today we cross cultures and collect the thoughts of Mr. Yasuhito Fujinami.
Yasuhito Fujinami is a brilliant and prolific Japanese noise artist who releases his work predominantly via bandcamp and soundcloud.  He is humble and diverse exploring other areas of music such as dark ambient and drone.  His recent release is a split tape release with K2.  This is a mind-blowing combination of harsh noise and dark ambiance.
Mr. Fujinami was kind enough to answer a few questions for us.  We’d like to thank…

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