Pumpkin Witch – “Hovel Of The Pumpkin Witch” Album Review (dark ambient/dungeon synth)

a3382222015_16The WordPress Reader does wonders for finding new and interesting music.  Such is the case for this particular and peculiar find today.

Hovel Of The Pumpkin Witch is the Name Your Own Price digital release from Pumpkin Witch.  This indeed is a mysterious band that according to the Bandcamp description, we may not want to know more….. 

“Perhaps related to the disappearances, three figures cloaked in darkness have been spotted in areas where these children go missing. It is unclear what part these three specters play in all of this, but it is advised to keep your distance. “

Hovel Of The Pumpkin Witch contains 8 tracks and is largely dungeon synth/dark ambient in style – and quite uniquely so.  In “Exaltation of Crypt Phantoms” they experiment slightly with a bit of static noise.  The low-fi recording on the album actually works well to the advantage of the album and enhances the creepy quality.   Much of the album is reminiscent of those old low-budget B-horror movies.  This isn’t modern dungeon synth that pretends to give an old vibe through obviously new equipment.  These are real old analog sounds.  Hovel Of The Pumpkin Witch is actually pretty authentic.  If these guys pulled this off with anything other than old-school equipment, then indeed they achieved a magic trick.

I think my favorite part of the package here is the series of creative stage names:

Effects, Ghastly Laughter, Jarring Noises: The Disgraced Scientist 
Keyboard, Maniacal Witchcraft: The Vampire Tyrant 
Synths, Wicthly Cackles: Haunter of Darkened Forests

So… highly recommended for fans of dungeon synth and old-school underground horror films.


The album is Name Your Own Price but I would encourage you once again to support.


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