Thief On The Cross – “Waiting In Psychosis For The Great Return” Album Review (noise/drone)

a1665713071_16Blurring the lines between harsh noise, drone and death industrial is Thief on the Cross and their digital-only album Waiting In Psychosis For The Great Return.

From the viscerally invasive “Names Of The Most High” to the minimally but equally effective and uncomfortable,  “Whispers of Dread from Decrepit Catacombs,” Waiting In Psychosis For The Great Return is a pretty diverse offering for a noise release.  Like some noise releases, Thief On The Cross seems to use some buried vocals or samples which at times can be indescribable with regard to the source.  However, given the static effect upon them, they in fact add another dimension to the recording.  

Track 8, “Third Eye Extraction” is an assault on the eardrum with a left-right flowing, borderline painful high frequency experiment in the vein of Zbigniew Karkowski.

Unlike a lot of noise artists who stick strictly to their terrain, Thief On The Cross crosses the line into the death industrial realm with the occasional repetitive patterns of over driven industrial strikes or other noises. This serves as a foundation upon which the artist explores noise and drone areas on top.

Much of the recording of Thief On The Cross’s release reminds me of the primitive aspects of early Sutcliffe Jugend but perhaps with a bit more structural foundation to support the destructive and abrasive layering.  Sometimes harsh and abrasive and other times delicate and vacuous…. That’s Waiting In Psychosis For The Great Return

Waiting In Psychosis For The Great Return is definitely worth checking out if you are a fan of harsh noise, drone and/or death industrial.  There’s room for everyone here as Thief On The Cross explores it all in one cohesive package.

Waiting In Psychosis For The Great Return is available now as a digital-only release.

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