Cryogenic Weekend – “Polar Sleep” Album Review (arctic ambient/drone)

a3524515001_16As we head into the weekend, we vacate to very desolate, other-worldly lands with Polar Sleep.

Cryogenic Weekend is the product of Oleg from Dronny Darko and Vitaly Lebukhorski (Oil Texture).  Polar Sleep is their 14 track descent into frozen territory offered by Reverse Alignment Records.  

From Reverse Alignment: “(Polar Sleep)…is a visit to the coldest regions of the world where widespread glaciars and the kingdom of snow rule. “Polar Sleep” is an invitation to experience the sounds of a realm where ice never melts.”

Right away there is a realistic sense that continues throughout the duration of the album; one that evokes a feeling of listening to authentic field recordings.  It is as though these guys drifted to other worlds with recording equipment and were able to incorporate that into the album.  In some cases the realistic effect translates to more of an imaginary location rather than just an otherwise uninhabited land on the planet.  

Polar Sleep is really one of the more vacuous, vast and subterranean sounding dark ambient recordings we have heard in a long time.  Further, there is a definite sense of depth with this recording where landscapes drift in the distance while subtle nuances remain in the foreground giving a very cinematic, 3-d effect.  Some tracks like “Diaphragm” are more stationary and drone-like with a meditative sense while others like “Flotation Tank” or “Darkest Glide” are more mindful of movement and sense of direction.

A very good effort combining ambient and drone with a realistic field recording-like effect…. and a very cold effort at that.  This is true arctic ambient.

Polar Sleep is available now on a 3CD set and digital download.


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