Sunday Dungeon Album Review…. Sequestered Keep – “The Vale Of Ruined Towers” (dungeon synth)

a2399140840_16This week’s Sunday Dungeon review finds us in Salt Lake City, UT where the latest release from dungeon synth artist Sequestered Keep is generating a bit of a positive buzz.  

The Vale Of Ruined Towers is the latest release from prolific dungeon synth artist Sequestered Keep.  The digital-only album contains seven tracks ranging from around 4 to 5 and 1/2 minutes in length.

Sequestered Keep really delivers a pristine-sounding modernized clean dungeon synth sound blended with some medieval tones but does also give a nod to an older dungeon synth vibe.  The compositions are all very well-thought out and constructed and at times can be quite complex for dungeon synth.  This allows the listener to be pulled in deeper (to the dungeon, if you will….) So, there’s not so much fog and fire.  With The Vale Of Ruined Towers, a soundtrack to fantasy and folklore is more of the concern.  Tracks like “In Mighty Vastland Dreams” are very uplifting while a track like “When Ageless Dragons Blink Awake” get the listener deeply immersed in imagination and hope.  Most of the music that is played avoids too much low-end synth that gloomy dungeon synth is kind of known for.  Thus Sequestered Keep delivers a very bright, imaginative album. 

I think that dungeon synth artists like Sequestered Keep sometimes allow us to forget that this music is often created via software synths instead of just analog keyboards and such.  In any case, The Vale Of Ruined Towers highly recommended for new and old dungeon synth fans alike.  Dungeon synth really doesn’t get any better than this, friends.  In fact, this is one of those cases where that label almost seems a bit limiting.  Nevertheless… check it out as well as Sequestered Keep’s older material.

The Vale Of Ruined Towers is available now as a digital-only release.


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