Failure To Appear – “Shwarz Nacht” Album Review (harsh noise)

a0714220442_16The rain beating down relentlessly as you watch from outside your window… Hiding in a storm cellar still hearing the brutal downpour from afar….

Had you not already known, you wouldn’t realize that this is actually the work of a harsh noise wall.

From Bandcamp: “Blackened Harsh Static And Noise Walls, sounds sourced from Horror films that I like. From the mind that brought you BLACK RABBIT TAXI.”

Shwarz Nacht is a digital-only, Name Your Own Price release put out by Nightmare Park.  Two steady noise walls; “Rain Ritual 1” and “Rain Ritual 2” are the tracks on this release.  Each have slightly different tones so as to relay different distances from rain storms.  

Creating harsh noise walls is one thing; an art form in and of itself.  It’s another thing to push the limits beyond an “Untitled I” and “Untitled II” track list and actually focus on mimicking environmental sounds.  With that said, this is a pretty successful release at doing so.  That’s all that really needs to be said on this one.  Immerse yourself in the harsh noise rain storm.  

As noted, this is a Name Your Own Price release, but please throw some support in the direction of the artists.

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