Sunday Dungeon Review: The Embers Of Tara – “Realm Of Sleep” Album Review (dungeon synth)

a0782657460_16From our new friends at Grey Matter Productions comes today’s episode of the Sunday Dungeon review.  Realm Of Sleep is the most recent release from a mysterious act known as The Embers Of Tara.  It is available as a Name Your Own Price download via Bandcamp.

From Bandcamp: “As summer lays dead and the fiery hues of autumn fall to the ground to be covered by frost each morning the release of Realm Of Sleep shall soon come to mourn the seasons of warmth and plenty and usher in the frozen desolation of Winter. “

Realm Of Sleep contains eight tracks of old-school, cold primitive but unique sounding dungeon synth music.  For the most part, the album maintains a somewhat monotone vibe throughout the duration.  However, the magical part of this release lies in its balance between the whimsical and somber.  The entire release is keyboard-based and the rhythms are very similar to those of primitive-sounding dungeon synth.  However, there is a very unique treatment to the keys that somehow turn what once sounded whimsical into something that now sounds sorrowful.  One can’t exactly discern whether it was prior to or after the physical recording (i.e. someone screwed up the tape and tried to fix it).  But nevertheless, The Embers Of Tara don’t sound like any other dungeon synth artist out there.  We, the listeners aren’t really led to believe this is a soundtrack to a particular setting.  Rather, the emphasis here is to tell a somber tale through uniquely-laid sounds from an old world.

While Realm Of Sleep is a Name Your Own Price download, as always, I would encourage you to toss some support to the artist.

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