Fredrik Croona Interview / “Killing Me Again” Single Review (Menschdefekt/ Cynical Existence/Project Rotten) (goth/industrial/ebm)



We are pleased to bring you an interview with Fredrik Croona in conjunction with the release of his new single “Killing Me Again” out Today!  Check it out at the Bandcamp link at the bottom.  We are currently conducting a PR campaign for him.  Furthermore, if you are a zine etc, and are interested in interviewing, Fredrik Croona is available for interviews.  Just email me at including the word “Croona” in the subject line.

In addition to a solid career as a solo artist releasing 3 full-length albums, Fredrik’s other contributions to the musical world include industrial/ebm acts Menschdefekt, Project Rotten and Cynical Existence.

“Killing Me Again” is a fantastic single that is destined to become a global dance-floor killer for Goth/Industrial/EBM DJS not to mention a potential show-closer for Mr. Croona.  

We are very grateful to him for taking some time to answer a few of our questions.  


You have a single out as of March 19 called “Killing Me Again” as well as a couple of

Promo 2
Fredrik Croona

remixes.  There’s a lyric in the chorus, “I wear the misery crown” but there is also, “I’ll be the one that won’t back down.”  Was this from a personal situation where you dealt with a wide range of emotions? 

When I write music under my own name, it’s always personal one way or another. And yes this particular song is very personal and I think that if you read the lyrics and think about it, its something everyone goes through ones or twice.
In my case it was a pretty bad break up, yes it’s very cliché I know. 

You’ve released a couple of full-length albums and you were also a member of Cynical Existence, Project Rotten and Menschdefekt.  How does the motivation or focus change for your solo work as it has for the other projects?  Is it fueled by different things?

Every song every lyric has it’s place, it’s all a special state of mind. It doesn’t necessarily have to be fueled by something.  I just switch focus. For instance, Cynical is a more metal based band where the guitars have to have more space. Which means I have to give them the space they need. In my own project it’s more about what I want to put in the music you know?

I’ve read that even as a solo artist you did some collaboration on your “This Is Goodbye” release with several artists.  Was “Killing Me Again” just you or did you work with anyone else on this?

I love to collaborate, I can’t deny that. there’s something fresh with working with others and letting them add their flair to a song. 
Killing me again has guitars from a close friend of mine from the band Selene Riot.

You released a lyric video for “Killing Me Again” – one of the better lyric videos I’ve seen quite honestly.  Can you tell us about who made it?

Thank you, I’m very happy wit the result myself. It’s a really good vj/dj called Psyklon who hails from Mexico.
I’ve seen a lot the work he’s done for others and he really understand the songs he works with.

There appear a couple of remixes on the “Killing Me Again” digital single.  What can you tell us about those?

There are two very different singles from two great bands.
One is from latin america and a band called AlienNation, they delived a bit more of a clubby mix of the track (which I hoped for). And the other one is a good friend of mines band called Kounter Mezhuer from Austin in the US.
He really made a slow more toned down version which was really cool.

Some people might be curious about your studio and live setup.  Can you talk about that a little bit?

I’m a pretty simple guy, so I try to keep things simple.
I’m not a schooled musician of any kind, everything I know I know by learning and trial and error. I have a Rhode NT-2A condesor microphone, a Scarlet Solo v2 soundcard,Audiotechnica M50X headphones and a M-Audio Radium keyboard. I prefer to use vsts because it’s convenient and less of a hassle than hardware.

What about influences.. musical, non-musical, philosophical?  What fuels the creative mind of Croona?Also, what might be the biggest surprise we’d find if we stole your Ipod?  Be honest.  :o)

Music is like the ocean, it’s huge and vast and so is my taste in music and also influences.
I of course prefer some things better than others. Metal is something I keep close to heart, but also vocal trance and even a little bit of hip-hop.
First you’d be surprise cause I don’t own one :P, second you would find Scooter’s latest album.

I’d also read that you were working on a project called AVSKYDD.  Can you talk about that a bit?

Avskydd was essentially Croona one could say.
Biggest difference is that Avskydd was all in Swedish.
And also I could’t really find motivation to keep the project going.
It was too similar to the other stuff I’ve done even tho it was in Swedish.

What other plans do you have for 2018?  Tours, more releases?

Two shows for Cynical has been announced and then we’ll see what happens.
I’m pretty known to be a busy bee, so I will take a weeks vacation with the mrs at least.
Then we’ll see what fall will hold. 

You’ve been invited to perform at a massive ebm/industrial/goth festival.  There have been some technical problems during the evening: one in your set and one in another artist’s.  In your case, your backing goes down leaving you only with vocals.  In the case of another band, their mics cut out leaving only the music.

You decide to combine sets with another band with you sharing vocals.  They know your music and you know theirs.  What bands do you think you could work with and what would you do on the spot?

OH shit! We are in a bit of a pickle aren’t we? I’d have to go with Suicide Commando, because I used to listen to him a lot and know quite a few of his old stuff.
Since I know some of their songs I think I could probably improvise the stuff I didn’t know.  But of course , it’s hard to say until it happens hahaha.

Many many years from now, a very distant relative locates a box in the attic of a very old home.  In the box they find a Croona CD and something to play it on.  What would you like the listener to know about your legacy simply from listening to your music?

If any of my songs leave a mark on someone in a good or a bad way, then I know that at least I’ve done something.
There’s nothing worse than being forgotten.



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