Nordvargr – “Metempsychosis” Album Review (dark ambient/ritual/death industrial)

coverOur friends from Cyclic Law bring us to the end of the work week with another excellent death industrial/ritual ambient release of the highest quality.

Metempsychosis is the new 10-track release from Sweden’s highly-revered ritual/death industrial king, Nordvargr.

From Cyclic Law: “the transmigration of the soul, was the basic concept for the new album from Henrik Nordvargr Björkk… as a study of how souls rather than being judged by a higher power themselves chooses what flesh to inhabit. To freely roam between the dimensions and to cling on to any form of life at will.”

Metempsychosis is largely composed of deep drone-guided foundations for soundscapes containing organically-sounding found object/industrial strikes.  For the most part, the tracks unite and differ enough from each other which makes the above-mentioned description very much accurate.  A track like “First East” is deeply moving and hypnotic, growing with steady intensity in percussion until it tapers off until the end.  A track like “Invocation for a Malicious Spirit” emphasizes the lyrical delivery over a presentation of pulsating but deadened drums and columnar-sounding drones.

“Salve Teragmon” might be the album’s perfect example of how complex Nordvargr’s pieces can occasionally get.  This track possesses more of a song-like structure with the deep driving bass guitar laying down the low-end instead of relying on drones.  This track blends the organic with the electronic in a real authentic death industrial sounding piece that brings forth a combination image of primitive industrial pioneers and ritual magic performance.

“First East” is an extremely heavy, brooding track that sounds like a dark ambient remix of Godflesh stretched out and without the drum machine.  “Sweet Death Triumphant” is another intriguing track with its extreme low-end layered drones, avalanche-like vocal delivery and abyss-like heaviness.  “Livet Tar Slut” closes out the album effectively with some repetitive distorted chord strikes, noise-infused implosions and again, the vomit-like layered vocal delivery…. an extremely heavy album closer to leave the listener momentarily suspended.

Metempsychosis basically Nordvargr doing what he does best… creating ritual magic of the darkest kind… the likes of which only Trepaneringsritualen can come close to.

Metempsychosis will be available March 31.

CD Edition of 500 copies in 6 panel Digisleeve. 10 Tracks. Running time 37:44
LP Edition of 200 copies in Standard LP Sleeve, with printed Inner Sleeve on Clear Vinyl.
CS Edition of 100 copies in Fold Out Cardboard Slip Case on White Cassette.

photo by Kim Solve

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