Jjoosseepphh – “The News” Album Review (harsh noise/experimental)

a0226974794_16Ok.  Joke’s over, KK Null.  You hiding behind the identity of a 13-year old kid has to end.  The next album should be called I’m Going To Need To See Some Identification.

A few months ago, we featured a highly successful post; a review of a new noise artist from Ireland who rather took us by a bit of a surprise.  He said he was 13 which I still find hard to believe because 13-year old kids don’t just make harsh noise art that is that well-thought out like Jjoosseepphh’s.  I mean, I really think that this is potentially KK Null-level material in the making.

Anyway, The News is the newest digital-only release by KK Null…. errr…  sorry, I mean Jjoosseepph.  This is apparently the first to be released on an indie label other than his own.  Nine tracks in all are found on The News.  Between Ireland’s Jjoosseepphh and Australia’s Desolator, it would appear that unbeknownst to CNN or Fox News, the governments have been propelling rockets back and forth at one another.

Nevertheless, once again Jjoosseepphh pushes more buttons and boundaries with tracks that include over-driven, bass beats and psychotic high frequency manipulations.  The News is more or less an exploration all over the place showcasing all of the things that he can do; screwed-up, chopped noises, harsh walls, ear-jarring high-frequency static, sonically intrusive sounds.  He can even create things that sound like warped analog tapes being reversed at obnoxiously high speeds.

This kid explores different terrains and I expect him to have a long and diverse discography.  I’d love to see him dissect a release like this and focus on individual elements expanding on each.

The News is available as a Name Your Own Price digital download.  Please consider supporting.



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