Bestia Arcana – “To Anabainon Ek Tes Abyssu” Album Review (atmospheric black metal)

953532From Debemur Morti Productions comes the reissue of a rare gem of American black metal.

To Anabainon ek tes Abyssu from Bestia Arcana was originally recorded in 2008 and subsequently released in 2011 via Daemon Worship Productions.  The Debemur Morti re-release preserves the original cover courtesy of Worthless Endeavors although the CD comes with a new layout.

From Debemur Morti Productions:To Anabainon ek tes Abyssu (“He who will rise from the Abyss”) features a still cutting-edge hybrid of chaotic, bombastic black metal and suffocating dark ambience infused with all-pervading end-time theology.”

To Anabainon ek tes Abyssu immediately transcends the claustrophobic and clings to catastrophic from the beginning.  A beastly bullet-train through the darkest atmospheres is what we have here.  5 fairly lengthy tracks with a truly unique almost post-apocalyptic but minimalist death/industrial backdrop is contained herein.  Think pure scathing black metal meets Lustmord.  Cannon-like blasts in the background create more of and end-of-the-world type vibe.  Very effective to say the least.

“Shepherd Of Perdition” is an absolute monster of a track and a great apocalyptic closer.  The background gives a very abysmal atmosphere while the tremolo picking in the upper and lower registers gives a bit of a chaotic classical effect.  Imagine Paganini losing his mind and turning to the dark side.  That’s “Shepherd Of Perdition.”  

Highly recommended for fans of very atmospheric, doom-laden, apocalyptic black metal.

To Anabainon ek tes Abyssu is available now on digipack CD and digital download.

For the physical CD:

For the digital album:

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