Daemonheim – “Widerwelt” Album Review (black metal)


To the Black Woods of Germany we travel now to visit our favorite sub-genre of metal; German black metal.  Why are we partial to the homeland of the likes of Nargaroth and Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult?

  • Because, generally speaking they are criminally underrated and offer something truly unique…making them able to stand toe-to-toe with the rest of the globe.

From Naturmacht Productions: ” (Widerwelt) is a concept album about decay and death (and
some heartache). It is emotional, furious, dark and the most powerful and atmospheric album ever made by the duo.”

Widerwelt definitely puts these German masterminds in their own area of the woods.  7 tracks comprise this release and hold an almost overwhelming amount of unexpected, unique chord progressions and key changes.  The point is that these guys honor the forest they were born in but are proceeding to cut down new trees with some fairly memorable and at times nearly mystical sounding paths.  

But Daemonheim ventures out from their own territory from time to time.  “Wundenschrift,” for example incorporates a small bit of prog. metal with acoustic breaks.  We also find a venture or two, in the same track for example, into doom metal.    “Kalte Rast” is another fantastic example of such diversity and flexibility within the band.

Black metal purists surely will enjoy the traditional scathing screams and tremolo-picking. Daemonheim has a pretty polished modern sound but maintains one foot deep in the snow of the Bavarian mountains.  Keeping the hope alive that there remains new approaches to this music….

Widerwelt will be available April 27 on CD and via digital download.  LP edition will be available at a later date.


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