Crawl (SWE) – “Rituals” Album Review (death metal)

Rituals – Aug. 20 on Transcending Obscurity

An obvious reference to the band that created the infamous death metal sound of your homeland isn’t necessarily a band thing.  We should be grateful for this sound being kept alive.

Thus, our offering today is Rituals; the debut release from Sweden’s Crawl.  That sound we mentioned of course is the one created by the likes of Entombed and Dismember and the band clearly taking their name from the Entombed EP.  

From Transcending Obscurity: “‘Rituals’ is an irreverent exercise in bombarding the classic style with fresh elements and lending to the staid style new vitality. Prepare to be shocked, annihilated and thrilled at the prospect of listening to the new masterpiece.”736630

It should be clear, however that Crawl are not mere clones of the originators.  There is something slightly different about their sound.  While you undoubtedly will notice nuances similar to old-school Swedish death metal, Crawl presents it in such a manner that makes it sound like it’s drug through the filth and grime of the Stockholm sewers.  It’s old school with new dirt.   The nine tracks on the album also occasionally present more of a studio-raw purity and almost punk-like attitude which may have been somewhat overlooked by some who reviewed the bands from the 90s.

Fans will have to wait until August 20 to hear the full album.  But it’s worth the wait, folks.  Definitely for fans of Dismember, Skitsystem, Feral, Paganizer, Gatecreeper, Bloodbath, Down Among The Dead Men, and Master.

177983Transcending Obscurity knows that this album is going to be successful so they’ve prepared the release in the following formats: CD, digital, LP as well as in CD and LP version box sets.  Crawl T-shirts are available as well.  Go grab this and relish in the fact we have a new breed keeping the old sound alive with a new vigor.

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