Juno Reactor – “The Mutant Theater” Album Review (electronic/trance)

7823881112UK’s legendary Juno Reactor returns with their first full-length studio release in 5 years preceded only by the “Our World” single and The Golden Sun…Remixed release.

From Bandcamp: “Juno Reactor’s story is ever evolving. Ben Watkins aka Juno Reactor is constantly exploring new areas visually & musically, evidenced by the new album The Mutant Theatre. The Mutant Theatre is a resounding achievement from one of trance’s most innovative, pioneering artists.”

The Mutant Theatre a VERY solid slab of experimental genre-pushing trance music.  Nine tracks comprise the release.  In an area of music that is somewhat notorious for being a bit clinical and devoid of raw emotion, Juno Reactor seems to tap into this void at several instances.  “Dakota” is definitely an interesting and stand-out track that bears almost a tribal, jungle vibe with the incorporated samples.  “Let’s Turn On” is without question a more traditional trance track but has little nuances that would almost make it appropriate for an action sequence in an 80s or 90s independent foreign film.

“Voyager 304” explores more of the “chill-out” area of the album during the first part but then develops into somewhat of a traditional techno/almost ethnic track before returning back to the feel of the track’s beginning.

The Mutant Theatre is a pretty dynamic release that maintains elements which should appeal to those into techno, trance and many of the other sub-genres.  Exploratory and emotional at times but definitely worth the wait for faithful Juno Reactor fans.


Catch Juno Reactor LIVE at the following dates:

07/07 @ Genesis Skansen Kronan Project – Gothenburg, Sweden
07/20 @ VooV Experience 2018 – Putlitz, Germany
07/26 @ Electric Love Music Festival 2018 – Salzburgring, Plainfeld, Austria
08/06 @ Samsara 4th Europe Edition & 1st Land Art Finissage – Siófok, Hungary
08/09 – 08/12 @ DEF CON 26– Las Vegas, NE
08/18 @ Moonworld – O Som do Universo – Andradas, Minas Gerais, Brazil
11/17 @ ORION Festival 2018 – O Templo De Hórus – Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

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