Krebs – “The Last Place On Earth” EP Review (dark electronic)

The Last Place On Earth - Album CoverIn what can only be described appropriately as “dark” and “electronic,” we present our offering of “The Last Place On Earth” digital EP from Philadelphia’s obscure act Krebs.

From Machine Man Records: “Created in 2012 by Michael Haggerty, Krebs is a dark electronic project from Philadelphia, PA. Rooted in noise, and influenced by multiple artists within the electronic genre, Krebs is a fusion of all things heavy, dark and spooky.”

The Last Place On Earth contains 4 tracks.  The opener, “The Hollow” leans toward a feeling of Pornography-era Cure balanced with a modern alternative/darkwave sort of vibe.  The chorus is a bit like some of the later Gary Numan tracks which in the opinion of this writer is indeed a good thing.  What’s interesting about this cut is the degree of darkness from heavy in the beginning to delicate and back to heavy.  “When Hands Go Still” is a good track but definitely explores the ironic comfort in being used to discomfort.  If you are a human being who has experienced loneliness over an extended period of time, you know what I’m talking about.  “Moonlit Window” is a highlight for this editor as the vocals almost seem to meander in and out like wind along with the sweeping keyboards in the background.  Brooding but vast and intense indeed.

The subdued vocal delivery herein definitely adds some character to the dimly-lit atmosphere of the release…. suitable for the one line which describes the release on Bandcamp; “A man finds himself alone in an empty world.”

The Last Place On Earth is both lyrically and musically nostalgic and introspective.  The lack of over-polished production gives the release an enhanced feeling of purity and character.

Definitely for fans of bands like: The Birthday Massacre, Front Line Assembly, Nine Inch Nails, The Sisters of Mercy, and Skinny Puppy. Photo 1

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