Akhenaten – “Golden Serpent God” Album Review (death metal)


Let’s face it.  There is no shortage in metal of all of the bands who embrace Egyptian themes and imagery; perhaps the most notable being Nile.  So what makes today’s offering any different?

Well today we have Golden Serpent God from US band Akhenaten released on Russian label Satanath Records.

Whereas a band such as Nile may draw lyrical themes and even samples from Egyptian history, Akhenaten seems almost to make an attempt at incorporating moments of actual Egyptian-inspired musical composition as well.  “Through The Stargate” and “Akashic Field; Enter Arcana Catacombs” are both pretty good instrumental examples of that; mystical and ethnic sounding and each a good filler between the devastating tracks.  But “stunning” and “intricate” are great words to describe “Sweat of the Sun” with what sounds like the inclusion of hammered dulcimer.  

The production and mixing of Golden Serpent God is fantastic though no information on such credits is available to us at the moment.  

“Dragon of the Primordial Sea” is definitely a highlight of the album and perhaps one of the better examples of all of the elements that the release encompasses.  Some tribal drums appear amidst the ethnic-sounding riffs and remind us of the days of the purity in Sepultura’s landmark Roots album.

Golden Serpent God is an extremely rock solid slab of Egyptian-inspired death metal; a musical equivalent to the solidity of the Great Pyramids, if you will.

Golden Serpent God is available on limited edition CD and digital download via Bandcamp.


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