Skimmings – “Hands Off” Album Review (noise/abstract minimalism)

a0429886198_16Strange material, odd concepts and generally anything that goes against the norm is what we find intriguing here.  Apparently a few know that as we find this in our Inbox this week.  Doggy Box is a UK label that explores noise, minimalism, ambient noise walls and such.  Hands Off is the new release from their artist, Skimmings.

From Doggy Bag Recordings:

“Skimmings is a generative music project from Glasgow (UK), taking influence from electronic minimalism, malfunctioning equipment and ambient noise wall.  All human elements are removed from the composition and recording process, leaving only the sound of unattended machines singing quietly to themselves.”

Hands Off is one long track clocking in at 55:36.  While technically it is a bit of a noise release, you are safe to turn your speakers up.  There’s really not much to say about the recording in and of itself other than it maintains the consistency of a slow-rolling boil.  But if you are a fan of noise walls, ambient noise walls etc., you might find it enjoyable.  It is low-volume, steady rumbling static.  

It’s the concept behind the piece itself that we find intriguing and worthy of bringing light to.  Hands Off is the first release from Doggy Bag Recordings in what will be a series exploring minimalism and the absence of human intervention….essentially literally allowing the word to speak for itself.  Name Your Own Price download via Bandcamp.

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