Decent News – “Filth: Remixed” Album Review (industrial/metal)

coverFrom our friends at Machine Man Records comes the new remix album from Decent News, Filth: Remixed, an 11 track Name Your Own Price digital release featuring remixed versions of tracks from their debut album, Filth.

Formerly known as Freakuency, Decent News is an Industrial Metal / Electronic Metal band from the New London County area of Connecticut.

From Machine Man Records: “With their musical roots steeped in such bands as Rammstein, KMFDM and 3 Teeth, Decent News are keeping the heavy beat industrial metal music alive in the modern age! Pounding synths and blazing guitar riffs abound, 2017’s “Skin Puddle / Deafland” release gave the world a taste of what Decent News are capable of, and now 2018 will be paving the way for their full length album due out in early Spring.”

To say that there is a diverse array of remix styles on this release is a ridiculous understatement.  You don’t even really have to be an established fan of Decent News to appreciate the diversity in musical styles herein.  There’s a little bit of synthpop, primitive and modern industrial, ebm and everything in between.  “UHF (Emergency Broadcast Mix)” is a pretty interesting track with the inclusion of the media samples and little noise nuances.  For a pretty obscure reference, it’s a bit reminiscent of the 90s band EBN-Emergency Broadcast Network.

Other tracks like “Halogen  (Industrial Destruction Remix) have a bit of an amplified 80s Depeche Mode merged with primitive industrial feel.  Think “People Are People” mixed with the band Skrew.  On the other end of the spectrum, a track like “Sanctuary (80KV Remix)” maintains more of a rock vibe with some punk-like screams and oddly-inclusive keyboard strikes.

This is a Name Your Own Price release so you industrial/ebm fans have absolutely nothing to lose.  Check out the remix album and toss some support in the direction of the band and Machine Man Records.

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