Interview: “Broadcasts From Beyond” (occult recordings/EVPs/Seances etc.)/HouseWife Records

Housewife Records is a small Ontario-based label featuring some pretty extraordinary, a2282431993_16unique items.  Later this year they will be releasing the vinyl LP version of their “Broadcasts From Beyond” release. 

“Broadcasts From Beyond is made up of “genuine” occult recordings. It features audible EVPs, seances, exorcisms, and other spiritual communications from beyond the grave.”  

We wanted to find out some more about the release and the recordings.  HWR CEO Zach was kind enough to answer a few of our questions.  Please go check out the following Bandcamp link for more information:


This release is “Broadcasts From Beyond.” Can you give us a general background on this project and your motivations for creating it?

Z: This is a collection of ‘genuine’ Occult recordings that were created over many years and came from a range of sources. As far as I know there has never been a vinyl release of this nature that is as true to this type of material. Pre-cert Home Entertainment released an LP of people speaking in tongues set to ambient music, and there were a few albums by the insane evangelist A. A. Allen, that featured bizarre recordings of exorcisms.. But nothing as all-encompassing and as pure as the material found on ‘Broadcasts From Beyond’ is.

Where did some of the source material come from?; specifically the formats… In other words, were they all retrieved digitally or did you get some from tapes or films?

Z: Quite a few different sources. Cassettes, digital, etc.. Lots of sifting was involved. The project has been in the works for some time now. The original release of this material was a deluxe cassette tape housed in handmade O-cards that were adorned with cut-outs from the pages of the Necronomicon. The same material will be on the vinyl version, but its been cleaned up and remastered for optimum fidelity.

Where did your fascination and experience with “occult” recordings start?

Z: I’ve been collecting records for some time, and I eventually came across recordings by Aleister Crowley, Anton LaVey, and to a lesser (but similar) extent, people like Charles Manson, A. A. Allen, Jim Jones and The Peoples Temple, William S. Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg, etc.. These recordings, although mostly dark in nature, had a wild energy about them that you really couldn’t find anywhere else. It feels almost dangerous listening to some of them, and these odd occult recordings have a very similar vibe.

How many tracks are on this release? What’s the approximate total length of time with all the tracks considered?

Z: There are 15 tracks and it’s a little over 40 minutes total. Plenty to get acquainted with.

The release has EVPs, seances, exorcisms, glossolalia and “other communications from beyond the grave.” What are some examples of each of these?

Z: Without giving anything away.. The recordings are very unsettling. There are instances of unexplained voices caught on tape, mediums who attempt to channel the dead with interesting results, some music that was used for ritual practice, and a lot more. The whole thing comes together to form this curious experience.

What do you think the oldest and also the most recent tracks are?

Z: Some of the older ones are from the early 1900s, so quite old. Those ones are terrifying to me because not a lot of people had access to recording equipment back then, yet here are these completely horrifying recordings that actual people made. I think a more recent one was from the early 00’s. Also very unsettling.

The cassette version sold out very quickly. Why the decision to do an LP run and not a digital?

Z: I’m honestly not a fan of digital anything. Only a few releases I’ve put together have a digital version, and they’re free to download. I want to put this material on vinyl because there’s something pure about it, and it has never been done before.

How have pre-orders been? These pretty much determine the release date of this album, right?

Z: A little bit, yeah. The record is going to happen eventually regardless of pre-orders, but they seriously help and will get this record into production a lot quicker. Pre-orders have been decent so far, but to be honest I haven’t put much time into promotion as I’ve still been working on other releases for the label on a very steady basis. I’m ceasing production of Housewife Records starting in September and into early 2019, so I’ll have more time to focus on this project during the break.

Any chance we could see a part II?

Z: Not likely. This is a one-shot go, I think. I don’t like to put that much focus on one project or series when I could be doing other new and interesting things. I have a lot in the works for 2019.

Were all of these recordings pretty much public domain or did you have to go through any legal “red tape” to assemble this release?

Z: Yeah, for the most part they were readily available. Record pressing plants won’t accept copyrighted material that you don’t own, and I have no intention of messing around with that. This is a completely legit project that the fans are helping bring to life.

It seems there’s a lot of care being put into this as it is noted on your bandcamp page… in addition to the intriguing cover art, there is also labels and a double-sided insert. What information is included on these?

Z: I can’t give that away. I can say that this will be a great package, though. I don’t want to skip any detail and it’ll show in the final piece. It’s all part of the experience.

How do you think that “Broadcasts From Beyond” fits into the over-all vision of HouseWife Records?…as in, why you started the label in the first place. Also, can you tell the readers of other strange or odd recordings HWR has released?

Z: My only goal with Housewife Records is to offer something completely different. You won’t find these anywhere else and I do very limited runs of these things usually, so I’ve built up a decent group of superfans that probably own everything I’ve done so far, and those people are fantastic and keep the label going. ‘Broadcasts’ fits right in with what the label does, and the cassette was one of our best-selling releases this year. The record will be no exception.

If anyone in the horror community would like to do an interview with you, how can you be reached?

Z: I’d love to talk to anyone that’s interested in this sort of thing, and I can always be reached at the label’s email:

Thanks for your time. Last words are yours!

Z: Keep an eye on the Housewife Records bandcamp, blog and facebook page for updates on upcoming projects. I look forward to sharing these experiences with you! Thanks for the great interview, too! It’s always a pleasure chatting.


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