Szara Reneta – “Dawne Cmentarze Zydowskie – Old Jewish Cemeteries 2” (field recordings/noise)

a3368480394_16From Szara Reneta, a small label in Poland comes a pretty unique cassette/digital release that mixes field recordings with noise. 

In fact this is a second part of field recordings from old, abandoned Jewish cemeteries in southern Poland.  This time they visit cemeteries in villages: Czarny Dunajec and Podwilk. 

Here’s the link to the first edition:

The first thing that’s noticeable about the release in track 1 is the purity in the field recording.  As opposed to the artificially-created studio “nature albums,” this is the real deal.  In other words, the recording is absolutely crystal clear; birds chirping, distant winds blowing etc.  Track 2, “Rzeka Czarny Dunajec” bears some very unnerving, low-volume noise both in high and low frequencies on top of the field recordings… very uncomfortable but definitely adding to the oddity of the release.  Tracks 3 and 4 immediately go back to the pure field recordings, this time using the sounds of dripping water and what sound like passing by vehicles and distant dogs barking.   The final track, “Cmentarz żydowski w Podwilku II (cutted up, chopped & skrewed)” was recorded one hour after the first track but again with some really uncomfortable, high-end noise and ambient layers.  If any track fits the creepy vibe of these tracks having been recorded in cemeteries, this one is it.

Pretty good release and worth checking out if you are into the darker side of field recordings mixed with noise.

This is release is just on very limited cassette and digital download.

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