TOTENGEFLÜSTER – “Live In England” Blu-Ray/Album Review (Black Metal) (Germany)

Live in England – Totengefluster

To celebrate our 400th post on, we give you something special; especially for those of you who are fans of German black metal or black metal in general…to say nothing of the fact that they are by far, my favorite contemporary black metal band.  

Totengefluster’s “Live In England” Blu-ray/Album package is what we have for you today.

Let’s begin with the packaging.  Totengefluster seems to spare zero expense when it comes to artwork and presentation.  Their artwork and packaging is consistently fantastic as is the case herein.  

Ok so “Creatio Ex Nihilo” isn’t in the set list.  I can deal with that.  Why?  Because “Von purpurn blühender Dämmerung” is.  And this track has 2 moments in the song that are as close to perfect as it gets with modern black metal.  Moment 1.) 0:59 – 1:38 and  2.) 6:47 – 8:32.  Goosebumps almost every time with moment 2.  

So as a part of this release, you get the blu-ray disc and the audio CD version of the concert as well.  There are a number of things that I found to be enjoyable about the main blu-ray portion of the package.  I enjoyed the fact that the camera angles were somewhat limited and provided more of an intimate feel; between the close-ups and the main shots.  I also thought that the stage effects were tastefully done without going crazy.  This includes the lighting being kept to only blues, grays, greens etc.  The lasers and fog were also tastefully done.  Aside from that the sound and mixing are both fantastic.  

The variety of the included music videos was great as well.  Included are 1 play-through video, “Creato Ex Nihilo,” a lyric video, “One With the Void” as well as some live clips.  The “Blast From The Past” is an interesting watch as it shows the viewer the early days of the band an in preparation for their debut show (The 2014 Beermageddon event).

Totengefluster, in the humble opinion of this writer is by far the best black metal export that Germany has to offer and there are a number of reasons for that.  The band understands, first of all that it is far more important to create memorable and emotionally “move-able” songs than it is to maintain an image or try to out-evil the next band.  The intensity and power that this band creates in the studio and on a stage is pretty significant.  They combine epic, symphonic black metal elements that really end up being truly their own.  It’s not even necessary for them to speak English in order to connect with us.  There are certain moments like in the aforementioned “Von purpurn blühender Dämmerung” that are felt beyond the duration of the song.

Furthurmore, the care that Totengefluster puts into their presentation, their artwork and their products is still to be surpassed by any contemporary black metal band that I’ve seen. 

So, it goes without saying that if you are a fan of German black metal, black metal in general and love live albums… “Live In England” is an absolute must-have.  You’re just not going to find a better black metal band from Germany right now.  End of Story.

Audio cd and bluray concert tracklist:

auf nagenden pfaden (intro)
blutsegen – die strömende erkenntnis
von purpurn blühender dämmerung
ich lebe!
ein monolog im mondschein
des mondes bleiche kinder
vom seelensterben
in steinernen gärten (outro)

Bonus Material:
• a blast from the past (documentary film)
• vom seelensterben (studio recording)
• musicvideos
verfall und siechtum (summer breeze 2017)
one with the Void
creato ex nihilo
ein neuer pfad
Vom Seelensterben

Here’s an interview we did with Totengefluster last year:



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