Interview: Rotten Evisceration (Peru) (death metal)

Rotten Evisceration is a brutal death metal band from Peru.  Blood Splattered Axe40230702_2004925103131468_6647730422035775488_n Records in conjunction with Guts ‘n’ Blood Records are proud to release Rotten Evisceration’s album Ancient Grave Ascension on November 1.  The 8 track album is sure to please fans of brutal death metal/slam/goregrind etc.  We’d like to thank Rotten Evisceration for taking some time to answer a few of our questions.

The band started in 2006 according to your site.  The first demo appeared in 2011 and now the first LP in 2018.  What were the causes for so many years in between?

Greetings to all the maniacs who read this zine. In the first time the band focused on playing songs from our favorite Death Metal bands. After 3 years we decided that we already had the necessary musical maturity to be able to play our own songs. Then, after 2 years of rehearsing and composing our own songs, we managed to record our first demo. However, due to various economic and time problems of the members we decided to stop. This year we have taken up the band with new line-up and raring to release our debut album, which we hope you have a great acceptance in the bangers and the underground press.

Could you introduce the band for us?

Rotten Evisceration is a Death Metal band inspired mainly in the Death Metal American School appeared in the early nineties. Currently, we are 5 members: Leviathan (lead guitar), Desvirgator (bass), Frost (drums), Blasphemian (vocals) and Surgeon Mutilator (rhythmic guitar)

Can you talk a little about the production/artwork credits for the release?

The recording, mixing and mastering of the album we are doing in the Solar Empire studio owned by Aquiles, he is a great friend and guitarist of several metal bands in the local scene. The art is commissioned from Raymond a renowned artist from Indonesia who works mainly with Death Metal bands and related. We are very pleased with the work of both musically Aquiles has captured the way we want to achieve sound and Raymond has managed to portray our most perverse thoughts in the album cover art.

What’s the idea behind the “Ancient Grave Ascension” album title?

The death metal is always associated with places like cemeteries or autopsy rooms or the morgue. We did not want to have that cliche so we decided to create a cover related to death but do not repeat the same places where the death metal stories are usually located. Then, we decided to create a history located in an archaeological excavation to a tomb of an ancient and forgotten culture. When the archaeologists desecrate the rest of the dead, the zombies emerge to devour them.

Are you influenced at all by archaeology/history/ancient religions?

The main influence of the band in the lyrics are the horror movies. Especially Italian gore cinema. We are not influenced by religiosity or mysticism. Only guts, blood and pathological diseases influence us.

What do you think makes Rotten Evisceration a little different than the millions of death metal/goregrind bands out there?

I think we differentiate ourselves in the sound we want to achieve. Many bands have technique and speed; however, they cannot get their own sound. In these times, our approach to the sound and riffs of the early nineties makes us different in some way.

After looking at some of the song titles on the album, I will guess that you are influenced by horror films.  Is this accurate?  Are there any in particular that stand out as favorites?

We all share a taste for classic horror movies. We use those images to influence our music and the lyrics of the songs. To name some of our favorites: Dead Alive (Braindead), Bad Taste, Guinea Pigs 2: “Flowers the Flesh and Blood”, Cannibal Holocaust and The House by the Cemetery among other great movies of the horror genre.

What bands inspired you to create Rotten Evisceration?  In other words…  Also, for fans who have no yet heard you…  what other bands might they like?

Without a doubt, we were inspired by the Death Metal bands of the early nineties. We have a strong influence of Cannibal Corpse, as you can hear in our riffs. In the same way, we have amalgamated in our music influences such as Suffocation, Monstrosity, Malevolent Creation, Deicide, Vital Remains (early), Incantation and Immolation.

How is the music scene in Peru where you live compared to other locations you know of?

In Peru there are excellent bands in all genres of metal. Speaking about Death Metal, most bands are strongly influenced by the Brazilian school. In our scene we have bands with legendary status such as Mortem, Hadez, Anal Vomit and Kraniun. At the level of the underground, there are concerts of small to medium, but all filled with many maniacs doing headbanging, drinking liters of alcohol and listening to their favorite bands.

Are any of you involved in other side projects?

I have received invitations to participate in other projects, but I prefer to focus on just one project. Our drummer has a Black / Death Metal project called Necrovomit that recently released an EP entitled “Devote to Death”

So what’s next for the band?… live shows, festivals etc?  Any further plans for 2018, 2019?

We have a next show for November 2018 supporting the band Visceral Slaughter from Brazil. We are organizing our tour called “Eviscerating South America” for January 2019. Also, we will participate in a 4-way split where there will also be two Danish bands and one German band. The material will be released by the Guts and Blood records.

Thanks for your time.  Any last words are yours.

Thank you very much for the brutal support for the band. We hope readers liked the interview. Hopefully soon we can play with the band in the USA. Stay brutal maniacs!!!!

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