GoMa – “S/T” Album Review (electronic/rock)

GoMa Cover ArtFrom our friends at Machine Man Records comes yet another release exercising their vision to diversify their roster.  So today we have for your the self-titled release from GoMa.

From Machine Man Records:  Blending genres such as alternative, rock and electronic music, GoMa combines all the musical interests Juan had growing up into one band by fusing the sounds of such bands like Depeche Mode with The Cure and Front 242, while adding in a spice of 80s horror movies like The Lost Boys.”

GoMa’s self-titled release contains a solid 8 tracks with one foot in the synthpop and ebm genres and one foot just outside the boxes.  It would appear that the artist is perhaps more concerned with the message and lyrics as opposed to over complicating things with the music.  While indeed the music is interesting and mostly varies from track to track, there are perhaps more times where he keeps a minimalist perspective with an edge in experimentation.  A track like “The Poison” goes from heavy to minimal but utilizes little Kraftwerk-like nuances yet in somewhat of an experimental manner.  

“The Monitor” is quite in the vein of Front 242 or Thrill Kill Kult but ends before you know it.  That’s ok because GoMa gets his point across and then moves on to the next track instead of dragging it on and on etc…..

There is quite a bit of diversity herein for an electronic release…especially when it comes to effects, nuances, tempos and more.  It’s really a healthy dose of music that fits both inside and just outside the boxes.  So it should keep happy those listeners looking for something a bit different but also some counting on a sound they love.


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